Dermabrasion is an in office treatment is most commonly used to improve scarring from acne, surgery, or accidents or to treat fine wrinkles due to aging.  During dermabrasion, a specialized tool is used to remove the outer most layers of skin, prompting the growth of a new layer of skin as it heals.  The new skin is smoother, more youthful in appearance, and has decreased visibility of scars and wrinkles.  The skin is numbed prior to the procedure, and swelling and redness are expected for up to a week after the procedure.  Sun exposure most be avoided for several months as the new skin develops.

Microdermabrasion is a similar treatment, also used to remove the superficial most layers, revealing healthier, youthful underlying skin.  A lesser degree of skin is removed compared to dermabrasion, so anesthesia is not required and there is no significant recovery period.  This is a good maintenance treatment to keep a rejuvenated, glowing appearance but will not provide dramatic results.


Both procedures are performed in an office setting.